Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Double Agent

Ah the quandary of it, no one I do science with wants to hear about my novels, and none of my writing friends want to hear about my science.
It's gotten bad in the last few weeks. As I go through the process of figuring out how to make a query work, I'm excited about my writing. Admittedly, my science of late has been... slow. Dry. Dare I say it: boring. I don't usually get to this point in my research, but my adviser has been taking his sweet time giving me revision requests on my dissertation (I actually go through xboxes faster than he goes through chapters), and I haven't had new data for 18 months. It's not pretty. 
Now that I'm on the brink (and by on the brink, I mean I have another 23 miles to go in this marathon), I really want to talk to people. It's hard to draw a line down the middle of me and say: these friends who are also my colleagues, don't want to hear about how I got a partial request for my novel. Mostly they think my novel writing is an unfortunate phase that I'll grow out of when I graduate. All of us go through some crazed times when finishing, and they just think my crazies are more eccentric than other scientists they know.
And  so I don't tell them. All my coworkers don't know that I'm in the last chapters of my third novel (first drafts only, of course) in 18 months (hmm, a correlation to the lack of new data perhaps?). I'm walking around with this 310,000 word (yes that's all three) secret in my pocket.
I'm secret agent writer. Scientist by day, fantasy writer by night.

Ah well, I guess most people have hobbies they try to hide from the people they work with.

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  1. Dude, I'm a physicist and I'd love to hear about both. A partial request is AWESOME.


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