Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love Do Overs

So, the day, the very day, I make the decision to start a blog based on my second life as a writer when all my training has been in science, I get a letter I'd stopped watching for almost 5 months ago.
When I first queried for The Accidental Godmother, I'd done my research (yes, I am a research scientist by training, I can't help it sometimes, you should see me when I'm looking into buying electronics...). I'd made sure everything was in order. I reread the address about fifteen times to be sure I typed it in correctly (oh, yeah, I'm dyslexic too). I agonized over the query letter and the synopsis, and by the time I actually hit the submit button I needed a stiff shot of scotch (highlands, no rocks, thanks).
And then nothing.
Then the agency website went dark. No new postings, nothing. I've literally been to ghost towns with more change (I did my field course work in Nevada).
No rejection letter, nothing. The projected time for query response came and went, and I decided that my very first attempt had ended in rejection. I even sent a followup, still no response.
I decided to retool my query, work some more on my first five pages, and submit to other people.
Then today I get a letter saying things went wonky in August, and if I wanted to I could resubmit.
Did I want to resubmit?  It's like a No was magically turned back into a Maybe.
Pure Awesome.

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