Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doing the write thing

For fun I often write out equations for common phenomena. Yes, yes, I'm nerdy. Really really nerdy. I've actually been praised for my construction of the Laziness Factor in graduate students. The third postulate of the graduate student Laziness Factor (I can't be bothered to look up the first two), is that given enough time, all deadlines converge. Much like perspective makes the incredible light display look like all those incredible sun rays converge just behind the clouds when in fact they are parallel, given enough time, deadlines that appear to be parallel will, in fact, converge. I know readers from my other blog will recall my detailed hypothesis and testing phases of this postulate, so I'll not go into them here.  But a classic example is when a student takes two classes. At some point, the two midterm papers appear to be due weeks apart, giving the student some measure of control of their life, but then the prof in one class gets ill. Material is missed, and, to be nice, the prof pushes back the due date. If you haven't experienced this, then it's likely you haven't been taking a lot of classes.
This happens in the real world too, and I don't know how or why, it just does (and really, why is the speed of light 3 x 10^8 m/s?).
So now, I know how to beat the system. I'm working on my dissertation. Yeah, I've been working on it forever (it is currently longer than a novel, and so are my adviser's comments), and it's really starting to look like it'll come to a head any week now. I'm also working on my novel. I had thought it was completely ready (oops). So this time, I'm going to do a double full edit plus a read through. That should get the manuscript into the realm of shiny. Then I'll be able to query, confident in the knowledge that an agent could ask for a full on the same day my adviser tells me that he wants my whole dissertation reformatted and the last chapter rewritten from start to finish, and I can manage both.
That would be the write thing to do... right?

Ah well, I can dream big, but even I know that something will happen before I've been through my book enough for me to think of it as done.

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