Monday, May 9, 2011

Totally diggin Sharpe

I've always had, shall we say, eclectic tastes. I loved that stupid Transformers movie, the second one, not the first one. It was terrible, but I really enjoyed it. I find Dan Brown's books to be a guilty romp through the nearly impossible landscape. I love Kristen Britain's books (though I admit that her pace is a little lopsided, slow in the beginning, the rushing in the finish). I've read almost every Mercedes Lackey book. I have read every Lois Bujold book (every scrap).

So yeah, my tastes lean to fantasy (with a special interest in magical girl, and or magical horse, fiction--does that make me overly commercialized and cliche?), but right now, I'm engrossed in Historical fiction. I've been reading Sharpe's Rifles, and I cannot get enough. I'm reading the last book in the original series, and I cannot sing enough praise for how awesome Bernard Cornwell writes.
So, yeah, that's all I got: Love for my not usual genre.

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  1. I like reading outside my genre! I think it makes you well rounded and bring more to the table!


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