Monday, June 20, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

This was spawned by Elizabeth, and I liked the idea, so here it goes, my top ten guilty pleasure (not in order)

1        I love playing D&D characters with…charm. I’m the girl with the character who says things like “And by subtle, I mean fireball.” I also had a character who wanted to name our stolen ship “Of Dubious Provenance.” Yes, I’m that player. 

2)      Big Budget Summer Movies. I’m not saying I don’t really enjoy beautiful movies (Room with a view, or the King’s Speech), but I love action flicks aimed at 14 year old boys. Bigger explosions. 

3)      Baking. Seriously, I love to bake, and over the years I’ve gotten fairly competent. The only problem with being able to whip up a cake from scratch is that I’m always only an hour and a half away from a really great cake. (Seriously, flour, sugar, butter, egg, baking powder and salt are my friends).

4)      Dragons. Dragons in jewelry, art, books. I love dragons, and I feel like such an eight year old for being so into them. If I can write a story about dragons, I do. It’s a problem. Considering my obsession, it’s really impressive I have so many stories without dragons. 

5)      I like using big words. I think it’s pretty ridiculous too. I have terrible English scores on all my standardized tests. It’s absurd that I write, considering how my vocabulary is so miniscule. 

6)      Chocolate. I’ve only met a couple forms of chocolate that I didn’t like, and I had to search the world over to find those. Mostly, chocolate and I go way back.

7)      Halo, in all its forms. I know I should be writing, but sometimes, I need to take the master chief on a spin through covenant infested waters. And sometimes I just need a n00b sandwich. And sometimes I just need to be the stuffing in a n00b sandwich. I love Red vs. Blue (“I like me”), and I’m totally stoked about the Halo 4 announcement.

8)      Magical Girl w/wo horses. Yeah, I love the magical girl motif in anime, and if there are horses “Yay.” I was a big Rainbow Bright fan when I was a kid (not so much now, of course). In the Magical Girl category we have all my biggest guilty pleasures: Sailor Moon, Valdemar, Full Metal Panic, Escaflowne. Okay, this list could really just go on and on. 

9)      Disney everything. I’m a huge Disney and Disneyland fan. It is very childish, but I used to cut classes in college to go to a theme park.  I still passed.... most of my classes.

10) Office supplies. Yes I’m strange, but really, I love love love blank books, note pads, pens, pencils, paper clips, and highlighters. And seriously, I have enough blank notebooks and journals and pens to keep me writing years after the apocalypse. 

So pretty much, from this list, it should be really obvious that I’m strange. In my defense, I never claimed to be normal, not even in junior high.


  1. 1. I have always wanted to play D&D but no one would ever play with me. If you and me and the other Lizzes ever end up at the same conference, come prepared--we WILL be playing.

    2. Beautiful movies have their place. Besides, they're not quite so beautiful unless you've recently sat through Freddy v. Jason.

    3. Do you have a bread recipe? Mine's turning out dense all of a sudden!

    4. I find dragons endlessly fascinating. And I believe they were real. I just realized there are a lot of dragons in my work.

    5. You're a sesquipedalian!

    6. Chocolate is a given. I had chocolate for breakfast this morning.

    7. I haven't played Halo since… Halo (the first one). Apparently they don't make it for the SNES.

    8. Did you ever watch She-Ra? I loved She-Ra. There was one episode where she lost her powers and had to go sledding down the stairs. I tried that once. At church. needless to say I was not granted more powers.

    9. I'm still pissed they don't make more Kuzko merchandise for the Disnesy Store.

    10. Also something we'll do if we're ever at the same con: RAID STAPLES.

  2. Speaking of Cons, I'm headed to Dragon Con this year. I have no writing cons in my current future, but I'd planned a geek trip to, you know, celebrate getting my PhD, but now I don't know if I'll have defended by then.

    And yes, I watched WAY too much She-Ra as a kid. My only problem was that my pony wouldn't turn into a pegasus, so we had to do all our acrobatic stuff while standing on her back as she ran along (how I lived through childhood is a mystery best not pondered).


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