Monday, July 18, 2011

Ah sishkabobs (an old family swear word)

Dreams are funny. I know I’ve posted a few of mine here, but I’m not really talking about the kinds of dreams where I carve agents and editors out of marble.

See, I’ve always had this dream that I’d walk into a Borders one day and see my book (or books depending the depth of my daydreaming) sitting on the shelf somewhere between Feist and Foster. In my standing day dream, I’m always a little surprised to see my book. Strangely, this daydream never involved Barnes and Nobles, always Borders. The strange thing is that I actually don’t have a bookseller preference other than independent (and not even because I’m all antiestablishment, but just because I like the people who sell books because it’s their passion, they’re awesome like librarians).

I’ve just learned that regardless of my career (published, unpublished, multi bestseller, or “limited” release), that daydream can never happen. Borders is closing, some stores as early as Friday according to Yahoo.

Usually, this is the part where I’d be all sad for myself, but really I don’t have a product that’s on the market. I really feel for people who were just about to debut their novels, their first novels even. What a punch to the gut. Imagine your book had been picked up at Borders but not at Barnes and Noble? Yikes.

And then of course, the 10,000 employees, who probably are reading about how they are losing their jobs from the nightly news.

So how come we can’t get a book store bailout?


  1. That is really sad. I don't have a specific daydream about seeing my book in a bookstore....strangely I've never thought about it until now. Huh. I do imagine having a copy of my book in my hands though. And I love holding the printed out version of my manuscript. It feels like accomplishment.

    I just bought a bunch of books at Borders, trying to help the authors whose books are currently there, languishing.

  2. 10 plus years ago I worked at our local Borders. I had a lot of similar visions too, where my book would be shelved, where the book signing would be - always at that particular store. I feel for everybody involved...the authors, the employees, the regular customers. It's so sad.


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