Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Now the nightmare's real"

Okay, so Dr. Horrible isn’t here yet, but soon, my pretties, soon. 

Right, so I’m hunched over and cackling like Frankenstein because I’ve started my costumes. Seems early for Halloween, but no, no, I’m on my way to a Fan Convention. I have three costumes planned so far, but there could be more. Right now, I’m doing a day as a Brown Coat (there are five people in the group I’m going with, so we’re basically going as a mob), one day for Dr. Horrible (because he has a Ph.D. in Horribleness), and one day as the Faerie godmother from Shrek. 

The Dr. Horrible costume is much harder than it appears, and I have to say, in general, follow the pattern. I’m making one up as I go along, and I’m not very good at it. I’ll probably relate this to writing at some point… maybe not. Like I said, pictures soonish (mostly because they’ll be funny if nothing else).

And speaking of pictures, here are two from my trip to California. 

This is what Hopland looks like. It’s a very small town, and I have plans for using it for a novel I’ve got planned out (or at least a concept). 

And this is a typical picture of the Mendocino Headlands, 

so, yeah, picturesque, lovely, and all around relaxing.


  1. Ooooooooh pretty! I love BOTH of those pictures. It makes me want to write a story set in those places too. I can see a selkie or perhaps a mermaid in the second picture. :D

    And yes. You MUST post some pictures of your costumes. I love the Brown Coat idea (all hail Firefly) and the Fairy Godmother is ingenious.

  2. My son has already told me he is going to be Captain America for Halloween, love him.

    I love the idea of a convention I can go to all dressed up. Sadly, I've never been.

    Oh, and the headlands look so beautiful. They remind me of the Oregon coast. Can't wait to see the costume pics.


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