Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sorry world, I'll curb my enthusiasm,

Right, so the world has this way of making me realize that I shouldn’t complain, not ever. You know that adage “Things could always get worse”? For me, the second I complain, oh yeah, worse.

So last Monday I mentioned the running around with cheerio nose stuffing kid and a box of quail. Well this week, I’ve learned that my job now pays half as much for quadruple the work (I know, no complaining, I have a job, but half? ouch, that hurts. But, as they say: some is WAY better than none).

That’s right, I get to teach a lecture course. My first lecture course EVER. I found out about this today. My first class: next week Tuesday. And all I have to do is drive from ABQ to Cali for a funeral in between (fear not, we have a full time house sitter, so no worries on the house thief front). Oh right, and there’s this little thing called WriteOnCon (seriously, you haven’t heard of this, go, go now, you can read my schmutz any day, WriteOnCon is once a year). Before I start class I have to come up with ppt presentations, an outline for the course, my grading policy, my syllabus. Not all from scratch, but it's a shock to go from being someones minion to being the big cheese (I can even order up a side helping of minion if I want).

So yeah, I have to get my skittles together and put some spit shine on my shoes, trade in my pirate glasses (seriously, I have the jolly roger on my glasses) for those silly respectable glasses, and put all my Star Wars T-shirts into a drawer. Honestly, I have three wardrobes: conferences for really esoteric, nerdy scientists, funerals (not really appropriate for teaching classes: the students take it as a bad sign, like you’re mourning their grades or something) and obnoxious t-shirts. Nothing in between. Well, except my costumes, but I just can’t see teaching in my brown coat get up.

Ah, and speaking of costumes, “Now Dr. Horrible is here.”  (If everyone is really unlucky, I might someday post a youtube of me singing that song. Hmm... maybe a "treat" for when I defend.)

I wish everyday could be a Howie Lab Coat Day (with thigh high boots, of course!).

Maybe I should teach my lecture course in that…

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  1. Wow, that's a full plate you've got there. Hope all goes well for you.


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