Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ah, young love

Since my going on about the project I’ve fallen in love with will get boring real quick, I have a question for everyone who writes:

What is your favorite part of your work in progress?

For me, it’s definitely that moment when I have the idea for my WIP and I know there’s a whole novel in there. I love that feeling. It’s like scoring a goal in a big game, or playing a great solo—at the concert for once! For me, that moment is PFM (Pure Farking Magic).

Of course, the lightning strike never comes at a time when my plate is cleared of all my other projects, so I take notes, and put my idea in a folder where it simmers. And my next favorite moment is when I start. The real reason why these are my favorite parts is because they’re the easiest. My subconscious came up with the idea, and at the beginning, all novels are still great. It’s in the swampy middles, and plot hole filled endings that make us want to tear our hair out and shout invocations at the gods of English.

And speaking of English, here’s a history of English in ten minutes. 


  1. I love the end, I hate the beginning. It's easy to go once I get started, but yeeeeesh on the getting started!

  2. I love the beginning. When I create the world. It's so fun.

  3. The best bit is when I actually know what's happening in the middle, rather than panicking about how I'm going to join the two ends up!


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