Sunday, September 11, 2011

Squee Like a Fangirl

I write a lot about writing, and I realize that I spend a ton of time talking about writing (it's sort of everywhere in my life, dissertation, novels, scientific papers, etc.).

I have some confessions to make. When I was ten, I was a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Seriously, I owned all the movies, I even liked that stupid song by Vanilla Ice (you know, “Go ninja, go ninja, go!”

Then I made a mistake, I let someone know I was going to go see one of the movies. Well, you know how young people can be, they tormented the crap out of me because it wasn’t cool to like TMNT. It had been a big thing, but by ten I was supposed to have moved on to other more grown up things like make up and doing my hair (yeah, I still don’t wear makeup). As I was being teased miserably, I noticed that my fellow nerds had abandoned me. It was like the savannah: I was a zebra, and the mean students were lions, and all the other zebras were staying away in hopes that the lions wouldn’t notice all the other nerds in life.

Since then I’ve been very careful to let other people know what I like lest I be judged again. Because of that I didn’t mention that I was completely over the moon for Sailor Moon. And whenever I watch a movie I completely fall in love with, I’m really careful who I let in on it. But I’ve decided that’s dumb. See, I watched a movie this summer and I absolutely fell in love with it, and the concept behind it. It wasn’t a very good movie, I’ll say that right up front. In fact, there was a point in the movie where the character motivations were completely dropped, much to the detriment of the movie. Other than that moment, it was awesome.

The movie (don’t judge): The Green Lantern.

And then I started reading the comics. I think I’m going to be sending my money to Green Lantern trades for the rest of my life. I’m totally smitten.

At Dragon*Con, I went as McConagull as a Green Lantern (a costume which could, at best, be called a prototype), and I got more fist bumps and pictures taken than all my other costumes put together (here I am with a Zorro as a Green Lantern).

It’s good to have stuff that we love that has nothing to do with writing, so what makes you squee like a fangirl?


  1. Squee! I love Twilight! I know that puts me in fairly broad company, but I'm not a teenager...I'm an adult certified to teach English with a degree in women's studies. I'm not supposed to love YA books about co-dependent vampire/human relationships! But I do! I even have the soundtracks! And I will proudly admit it right here! (PS I LOVED TMNT when I was way too old to love them...I wish we'd known each other, because I would have watched your, back!)

  2. I haven't seen The Green Lantern, and I don't know much about the comic character either. It's one my husband didn't read when he was growing up. But, I LOVE when I find something new that is fun, and interesting. I also love when people dress up!

    I'm not sure how old I was when TMNT was out, but I really liked them. My favorite was Danatello.


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