Monday, October 31, 2011

Are you a Psycho?

In honor of Halloween, I have a fun little test. I actually have to hand it to Big Black Cat for reminding me of it just in time for Halloween.

The rules for the Psycho test.
1. Read all the text
2. Write down your answer
3. Do not change your answer, so write it down somewhere (or post it below)
4. I’ll respond to posters with the results as I get them, but I’ll post the answer to the psycho test tomorrow.
**I don't think I really need to mention, but this test doesn’t actually tell you if you’re a psycho, but the answer might creep you out

Are you ready?

The Psycho Test

Maria’s mother died. At the funeral, Maria sees a really hot guy. She’d love to try to meet up with him, but funerals aren’t really the place for that sort of thing, so Maria finds out who he is instead. The really hot guy is the son of one of her father’s friends.

Two weeks later, Maria kills her sister.


Post your answers, and I’ll let you know if you’re a psycho or not…

Oh, and just so as everyone knows, according to this test, I’m a psycho. (Shocked?)


  1. Um.... because her sister killed her mom?

  2. Because if he showed up at her mom's funeral he's bound to show up at her sister's too? And Maria has to be a narcissistic sociopath if she's checking out cute guys at HER MOM'S FUNERAL.

  3. So what are you if you cheated and looked up the answer?

  4. @ Carrie, sorry you'll have to take another test to see if you're psycho. The test only works on the first run through.

  5. I like Elizabeth's answer. Although I don't know if I would have come up with it had I not read her answer.

    So...nope I can't come up with anything, but the fact that she hopes the hot guy will show up at her sister's funeral.


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