Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The answer to the psycho test

OMG, can I just say today has been crazy full of complete freak out? My back went out this morning (I guess for coffee or something), and it still hasn’t come back. I’m literally writing this from the couch at my office. It sucks.

I tried to enter two contests today, and apparently my being anywhere near contests kills them right now. The Baker’s Dozen Submission went dead after I got a confirmation, but at least it came back up. The other contest, well, I’m not sure it actually died or if it was me. Ah well.

Still, on to the Psycho Test.

Don’t read this part until you’ve been here to take the original test.

The psycho answer was correctly identified by Liz. Maria kills her sister so there will be another funeral and she can see the guy again.

I’ve heard that this was an actual test that a psychologist used to give serial killers. According to the stories, they always answered psycho, and here’s why.

The majority of answers given for this test (by most folks) is that the sister was dating the guy, or that the sister murdered the mother. These answers require additional information that was not part of the original test (i.e. she saw the hot guy with her sister, or she got dumped by the hot guy when he saw her sister, etc.). The point of the test is to see if you can come up with a logical reason for Maria to commit murder based only on the data set presented.

From the data set presented the only logical answer is completely illogical from a societal stand point. No one would kill someone just to see a potential paramour; however it is the only logical answer that isn’t based on made up information. In short, it singles out people who suffer from antisocial personality disorder (as well as mild mannered scientists who know a trick when they see one).

In short, all fun and games.

Ooog, now to find some stretches or something for my back…


  1. Ugh, I don't it sucks when my hubby's back goes out. Hope you can get it back to normal soon.

    If I hadn't seen Liz's answer, I think I would have went with the sister was hitting on the guy too or something. So, I think I will count myself in the not Psycho category.

  2. I hope your back gets better soon :-(

  3. Thanks for all your good thoughts, everyone. I'm able to walk around today, a big improvement over yesterday when I had to cancel(!!!) my lecture.

  4. New follower here! You are freaking hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh at the computer today!


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