Friday, December 9, 2011

Closer to home

Last season, I was on the hockey team that won every. Single. Game. (strangely, you’d think that was fun, but it really got old… more on that some other time). This season though, no wins. And there we were, five goals in the hole in the third period:

My buddy, John looked over at me and said “Great shift, Crash*. I hate when everyone stops trying just ‘cause we’re losing.”

“I’m just too dumb to know we’ve lost, and I don’t know how to give up,” I said.

John pointed at me. “And that’s how I know you’re a writer.” 

*Yes, my hockey name is Crash (as in crash the net). I picked it up when I had a team that bought jerseys and had funny nicknames sewn on the backs. Mine stuck.

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  1. Yeah, not knowing how to give up is a very important skill of being a writer.

    Good luck on the dissertation!


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