Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still Stunned

I know that everyone has had that incredible feeling you get when you finish a class. The pressure of studying and homework is just gone, leaving a void (traditionally filled with partying and copious… celebrating, I was going to say celebrating).

The longer the stress the larger the void.

I’ve been working on my dissertation longer than the gestation of elephants. The only other comparison I have is a final, even graduation didn’t feel like this. I spent most of yesterday sort of rattling around my house going “wait, shouldn’t I be working on my dissertation?”

I keep feeling like there’s something I’m forgetting to do. So I wander around checking to make sure the lights are off and the doors are locked. Seriously, this morning I hit the little lock button on my car’s keyless lock four times, and then when I got to my office I whipped out my car keys, pointed it at the door and hit the button. I stood there waiting for the click and the lights, then remember that my office door doesn’t *have* a keyless entry (and my car keys sure as Saturn wouldn’t work on it even if it did have a keyless entry!).

I think I’m coming out of the fog though. This morning I dove into my calculations by checking out a number of thermo books from the library. Once I nail down the equation I think will work best to describe my rock, I have to pick a data set that might actually apply… yeah, that should be fun.

I’m itching to start in on my query bait and get back to writing my Super MidLife Crisis novel. I opened the file yesterday, and it felt like I was cheating on my dissertation.

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