Monday, January 23, 2012

A Blog fest, Yay!

I love playing along in these blog fests, they’re such a hoot (not to mention, sometimes it’s just way easier to blog about what someone else thought up).

Today’s blog fest is all about a favorite character. 

To join in go here and jump onto the linky link. And thanks to Laura for hosting.

While it’s really impossible to narrow down all of my characters to my single favorite, I can certainly say that there is one who always sticks out in my mind. Her name is Bauchellious Dedrix, but everyone calls her Boxy (that was supposed to lead to lame titles like “OUT of the BOX” or “BOXED IN” or even *cringe* “BOXING DAY”). Boxy is from a typical Cyber Punk society where there is one giant interstellar Imperium based loosely off of the Ancient Greek Civilization. This empire is always at odds with the Federation of Free Corporations (the FFC) which is basically what you would get if Disney, Google, Yahoo, Apple and Microsoft could bury the hatchet long enough to decide they could be their own government. 

Here’s the first page or so of that story (please excuse the formatting, blogger ate it for breakfast). 

I stared down the barrel of my Glorian 39 at the mark on the other end, a middle-aged man in a business suit: another Imperial lackey on the wrong side of the law. So the Empire sent me, a Fury.  

The mark seemed familiar, maybe a high profile murderer. Enough of those live in the Empire, even if assassin material is rare. Professional killers are one in a million, according to the psyches. Since roughly 27 billion citizens reside in the Empire, there are at least 27,000 potential professional killers. Considering only 10,000 Furies are on the Imperial payroll, some 17,000 loose cannons are running around in the empire waiting to snap. Long live the Empire

I watched him, waiting for the conditioned Red Fury to take me, but it was silent. The Fury never came to me. Someday the psyches will find out.

And then it’s back to the brain blender for me. 

Okay, I can fake it a while longer.

My mark looked up at me. A single bead of sweat rolled down his balding head, and I watched it drop onto his hand. He wore a single ring identical to the one my Keeper wore. That made him a Keeper. Maybe that’s why he looks familiar.

“I can free you,” he said quietly. I blinked, and my arm wavered. Furies are not free. We march to the beat of our Keeper’s drum. Six years ago I lost my freedom when a drosian dealer tore through my parent’s building. I had killed to stay alive. The Empire found me, and instead of punishing me, they decided to torture me. They told me that killing—even to keep myself alive—was a crime, but killing for the Empire was a respectable job.

I’m sure everyone can see why I like her, she’s disgruntled, snarky and detail oriented. She also feels like her life isn’t her own—mostly because it isn’t, but details, you know?—and this story is about her starting to take control. I wrote it a long time ago, and if I wanted to show any more of it, I'd need to rewrite the whole thing (not something I'm entirely adverse to, I just need the time).


  1. DANG! I thought this was from a published book. I want to read more. Boxy sounds so awesome and I love the society you've created.

  2. Thanks Jenny, that's really sweet. Boxy is one of my all time favorites, and someday I'll get back to her.

  3. Boxy sounds like a lot of fun. I love snark and Greek mythology. You mix them well together. I particular like the stories of Furies, so you definitely have me with that.

  4. i was wrapped up! hd a dr no feel to it. love the character. you are a natural!

  5. Christine and Tara: thank you, and thanks for stopping by.

  6. Cool! Loved the strength and the snark.

  7. This is really great and I'm intrigued! Cool character!

  8. Wow, the premise of this (especially the FFC) just dragged me right in. Re-write it!! I want to read the whole thing!

    ...though my dyslexic-brain completely gave up on her name. I hope she'd just be called Boxy through the story, otherwise it would twist and hurt my brain too much ;p

  9. I'm hooked - well done!

  10. Yeah, I can definitely see why you like her. Nice job!

  11. She is MARVELOUS. I love her snark and her hesitation and her bitterness. It all came across so well. Please let me know when you're ready to share more (or publish)! An avid reader awaits!

  12. Way to write a hook! Boxy seems like a pretty unique character and a great protagonist. Between a cyber punk civilization and a group of corporations like Disney, Google, and Apple sounds like a pretty scary place to be. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  13. The name alone is a great hook. Well done!

  14. Your story is very unique and the pacing is fantastic!

    I'm so fascinated by your profile description (WOW! PHD and writer :) Great combo). I can relate since had to stop writing to pursue my engineering degree.

    I'm definitely following you! I hope you can drop by my blog!


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