Friday, January 20, 2012

Carrots? How about carrot cake?

Lately I’ve been feeling tired. Run down even. I’m working my batooschky nugget off and basically depriving myself of all the things that I love.

This is dumb.

Yes I have a ton of work to do, and it’s going at a VERY slow pace (one page a day and I have over two hundred pages!). But here’s what I’ve learned: no amount of self deprivation will make me work any faster. Not at all. Not a scrap of telling myself that I don’t have time to do something I want to do (like watch a TV show, or read a comic book) is going to make my progress increase.

So, I said “screw this” and I bought some manga.

I haven’t had so much fun reading a book (backwards!) in years. Then I got the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, and you know what? I’m getting *more* work done.

I guess this boils down to a simple concept that many of us know and understand, but for whatever reason, we forget in the heat of life. There are two ways to motivate someone, the carrot or the stick. I’ve been using the stick, but I’m really a carrot kind of person. I’ve had my fair share of the stick, I’m going out for carrots.

How about you? Carrot or stick? Some wonderfully balanced combination of both?


  1. I use a combination of both, I guess. Good luck with motivation!

    BTW The Hunger Games Trilogy is awesome :)

  2. It's so easy to forget that. A lot of times I use the stick and then I get so depressed I don't do ANYTHING. Then I let myself have a little fun, and guess what? The work stuff is a lot easier.

    Congrats on letting yourself relax!

  3. I think I need a little of both. Years ago I worked with severely and persistently mentally ill individuals and we did a daily maintenance plan. That is those things you have to do to make sure you are operating at your highest potential. I ended up doing one for myself and discovered that I have to be reading a good book or I start to get a little depressed. Just for the record The Hunger Games definitely qualified as a good book for me. Loved the first two books of that series.

  4. I am all stick. That sounds weird, but you know what I mean. I work better under pressure than for the benefit of a reward. I am trying to change that, but it's a hard personality trait to adjust.

  5. The only problem I have with reading manga is that afterwards, I try to read comics and start reading them backwards. ;)

    (Also, yay Hunger Games!)

    When I'm really worn out, pausing and reading or doing something else that shows me stories really helps kick me back into gear. Stories spur our imaginations.

  6. Oh my gosh, I know this is old news by now, but I *really* needed to hear (er, read) this; especially in this last, excruciating week of the semester. Thanks for the wisdom!

    1. Old news is still good news. I hadn't thought about this post in a while. I'm glad you got something out of it, and good luck with the end of the semester!


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