Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am not a robot, but I'm starting to act like one

I think it’s pretty safe to say, I’m working hard—harder than ever before. The problem is, I’ve cut out all the fun; I simply don’t have time. Dishes? A thing of the past. Cooking? Surely, you jest. I’m living on a diet of hard work and microwave dinners.

I hate it, but this is about goals, and sometimes goals mean more than playing a little Skyrim (seriously waiting to finish my PhD before playing that game).

But all this self deprivation has made me think about things. I usually read books, but sometimes they swallow my mind. I can’t write my Super Hero Novel (though I almost entered a critique with it yesterday, but in the final seconds, I reeled myself back in, reminded myself that it would be selfish if I couldn’t spend the time on critiquing other peoples work as well—damn mature responses anyway). I can’t draw or paint because those both have the same level of mind consumption as writing a novel for me, and are therefore too draining of time and brainwaves.

I’m sort of at a point where I’ve eliminated everything but my dissertation. And that’s not healthy, no matter how you look at it.

So here’s my question to you: when you’re under the gun but you just need a break what do you do and how do you get back to work?


  1. Gym, for me! Or at least a run/walk around the block, hot shower and a sandwich. If all that's gone well, I tend to be buzzing to get back to work.

    Good luck, and take a break!

  2. TV! TV! TV!

    Seriously, when my brain is fried and I don't have the time/mental energy to work on something, but I still need to do SOMETHING to relax, I watch TV.

    Yes, TV is evil and will rot your brain, etc. But sometimes it's the best way to spend downtime and recharge your batteries. The other benefit of TV is it's a finite amount of time. 1 hour. If I am particurally busy, I set small goals (finish three chapters) and then I reward myself with 1 hour of vegetating (watch one episode of Lie to Me).

    I don't have cable, but we have Netflix via our Xbox, and it is soooo worth it. The entire series of Buffy/Angel is on there. Season one and two of White Collar is there. Almost the entire series of Law and Order: SVU. Four seasons of Lie to Me.

    The list goes on. If you don't want Netflix, you can always go to Hulu or Sidereel to watch TV via the Internet.

  3. Annalisa: Yes, gym good. I wish I had the nerve to use the one on campus, it would serve me best, but it's such a meat market.

    Elizabeth: Yes, the netflix are awesome. I think I should load some Sarah Conner Chronicles and get my groove back.


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