Thursday, March 8, 2012

Late to the party

Right, so I posted that my computer had moved into glitchy land? Well, yesterday I posted for IWSG, pulled down my lecture for the day, and Shazam! 52,000 event logs. My computer took a nose dive. It couldn't function, I had a cascading damage through the registry key which very nearly put my computer under for good.

I did not get to read IWSG posts.

So after some computer voodoo (and a new reg key cleaner), I'm back up. And holy cow, I'd forgotten how awesome my computer was when I first got it. It's like having a new computer without having to transfer all my files over.

In short, sorry I'm late to the party people, but I'm getting back on track.


  1. What a frustrating start to the day. It sounds like y ou have recovered well so maybe it needed to happen. That said, glad it didn't happen to me and hope things are on an even keel now.

  2. I didn't understand the problem, but I'm glad you have a solution :-)

  3. Argh...I hate computer problems.

    Don't feel bad..I'm usually not just late but tend to miss the party altogether.

    P.S. Tagged you

  4. I'm sorry about your computer problems! Good to hear it's working again now.

  5. Glad everything's good now. Computer problems always tend to find me.


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