Monday, April 23, 2012


I pulled my photo.

I loved that picture. I mean seriously, you couldn’t have a more perfect for me picture. Maybe I’ll get to use it as an author pic someday (*snorts* no one would have such poor taste as to let my evil scientist picture be the picture on the jacket, I mean even I think I looked a little too excited about wearing the evil scientist goggles).

I also took down my email. If you need to get in contact just leave a comment with a user profile attached to an email. Sorry about that guys, but some smack went down at my department. It isn’t with me (seriously, this is a squeaky clean blog compared to my colleagues) but my email is my full name. I’m not in trouble, and I’m not likely to get into trouble (even if I left my picture up, and I’ll put it up again after I defend). I’ve gone preemptive. Discretion is key in this brave new world where the faculty cares about what their grad students do on the internet. I posit they might have some better things to do with their time than discuss our online presence, and I’m certain a majority of the faculty agree. In the real world, however, it only takes one disgruntled gate keeper to keep a grad student from getting the degree they’ve sacrificed so much for. So the new word isn’t mum; it’s discretion.

And this is what I find annoying.

See, I started this blog using my own name on purpose. I already have a blog under a fake name where I ask people not to mention my real name. But this was supposed to be my writer’s blog. I used my real name, because I wanted to make some real connections, but now I’m learning that my academic career isn’t conducive to using my real name on the internet. I guess that may have been na├»ve of me, but I figured if his real name was good enough for Asimov (who was a grad student when he sold his first science fiction stories), then my real name would be good enough for me. I guess Isaac didn’t have to worry about google cache.

It looks like I’m about to make the plunge into pen name land to distance myself from myself (Yeah, I know, silliness, but if discretion is key, I can go with that). And this could be a golden opportunity.

See, once upon a time I hated my name. I’ll have to write a post about it because it was very teenager, but that’s a post for next time.

Anyhow, help me out and leave suggestions in the comments. My mother likes Rena Rockford, and someone has already suggested Lena Charles (sounds like a romance novelist…) and there’s a suggestion for Draconna Ly Zeitlaunen (there’s a story behind it, but it has the dreaded Z last name). And let me know what you think of Pen Names. Maybe I should make a contest out of it. ::rubs chin like evil scientist::


  1. or if you wanted to really mess with people....liz. ;-)

    'cause that wouldn't be at all confusing.

  2. Sucks about your name. When something published you want to be able point and say, mine. But you still can, and I think you should come up with something super fun. A contest could be in order.

    1. I'm definitely working on a contest. I'm doing the research part now...

  3. Oh I miss your mad scientist pic :( I think a contest for a pen name would be fun. I didn't even think about how using your real name could influence your career.

    1. I miss my scientist pic too, and I'll probably put it back up, because it is my favorite picture ever. I always knew I'd have to come up with something for my middle name because my first name and middle initial spells renal! Kidney Ford just doesn't do it for me. But I'd always thought I'd just go with something when the time came to actually publish, but even then it would have mostly been so wayward people didn't google me and wind up with my (supremely boring) science papers.


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