Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Did I mention, I'm on Monica's Team (just the alternate, but I do mascot work too)

Right, so I'm an alternate for Monica's team (#TEAMMONICAFTW) but I have to say that this is hilarious. See, it turns out that when Sarah Blair wasn't chosen (did I mention she was high on my personal list, check her out here) she decided to go mascot (I was offered a similar position, but I've been filling my occasional twitter duties as mascot/alternate @Renathewriter where I still use my marginally creepy pic of awesome... yes I have used those goggles for welding, why do you ask?). Anywho, Sarah Blair held a contest to see which of the four teams would win her affection, and #teamCupidLC managed to come up with the winning bid, a rap about her. And here it is, because this sort of thing must be seen by many.

So even though I'm not a member of #TeamCupidLCbegsTEAMMonicaForMercy, I feel obligated to pass it on... (FYI, this pick was selected by me to represent @CupidLC s chance for beating my team, #TeamMonicaFTW thanks demotivation!) 

Here it is again, in all it's glory (don't you love her rapper bling? If only I had a butterfly necklace as fly as hers...)

Right, on to your regularly scheduled lives.

p.s. this is as close to pom poms as I get. If only cheer leading involved hockey sticks, then I'd have something.

Pp.s. Did I mention that Monica's suggestions are like that little voice inside my head that I'd been ignoring all along, but knew I shouldn't have been? Thanks Monica, you rule.

P.P.p.s. Yeah, this is as good as I get at trash talking. It turns out that we nerds really struggle in this area, so if you were expecting some serious pain... I'm afraid I don't have it. My idea of trash talking is "Yeah, well all of my data points lie within 1 sigma of your MOM!" Right. So moral of that story, don't ask nerds to run trash talk campaigns... this is also why we don't do well in political campaigns.

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  1. Congrats on being an alternate! Sounds like you've gotten a lot out of it, even if you're not going to have your entry posted.


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