Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Note to self, Ask First

Right, so in retaliation for having his picture posted on my blog, The Tea Thief murdered a giant vase. He pushed it like Humpty Dumpty right off the cupboards, and it shattered across the kitchen floor and into the dining room. I'm still picking up pieces. Next time, I'll ask.

So as I clean up glass shards (from the tea jar no less!), I have to finish grading term papers and exams. That means I don't have anything profound for today (sorry), but I will leave you with another cute picture of the crazy cat who drinks my tea, corroborates plant killings, and murders vases (fear not, he gave me permission to post this one).

Tea Thief in his natural habitat, my computer.


  1. My cat always seems surprised when something goes wrong like killing vases or getting stuck on a 1x1 inch pole. He has absolutely no spacial awareness or balance.

  2. I think it's so funny that he likes tea. Animals keep life interesting!

  3. LOL. Vindictive kitties are the best. =)

    Seriously though, you could write a whole web series about a cat with that much personality. I need one of those to inspire me. Oh wait, I've got kids. Never mind!

  4. But he's so cute!
    Yay end of the semester!

  5. Aww! So cute! I wish i could have a cat (of course i'd probably have more than one...)


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