Monday, July 8, 2013

Just a short post

Rocko, Horse Extraordinaire.
By popular demand, here's a picture of Rocko the Wonder Horse!

I feel like I should point out how his legs aren't straight and his lip sags. Among his chiefest attributes: height. That horse is really tall. He's 16 and a half hands (yes, 13 year old me is also very tall). And note how I'm not wearing a helmet but a hat!!! As if the hat will save my noggin when I ditch (and I wasn't wearing one on the day of the fall either). Yeah, we were one go getter of a team. This was us on a good day. We're riding at a horse show and winning ribbons (note, ribbons are fun to win as a kid, but what do you do with them later in life? I've thought about making an "I won these" quilt out of my ribbons).

And don't forget that Tara Tyler's book Pop Travel released over the weekend! Be sure to go check her out, and take a peek at the book!


  1. You're so lucky! I always wanted a pony! Or a horse :) I've only gone riding once. And I think it was on a donkey names Eeyore :)

    1. I was really lucky to be involved with horses, but I have to say it was a bucket of work too. I think that's part of the fun though, you get to make all kinds of jokes about horse turds (or road apples...)

  2. He does seem like a really sweet horse! I begged my uncle to let me ride his pony, so he let me (no saddle, no helmet)...though, he was patiently walking, and holding onto the rope. One of my favorite childhood memories.

  3. Adorbs!!
    My sister's horse, Kristo (percheron paint cross) was also abut that tall (now he's a minneapolis police officer. They absolutely love him)

  4. I had the privilege of reading the first few chapters of Tara's book, it was awesome!
    I left you an award on my blog :)

  5. aww! a friend to the end! just dont fall on me again, right?

    and thanks for the shout!! keep writing!

  6. So glad you posted that! How fun, and yay for Tara!


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