Monday, August 26, 2013

I am Delusional.

It's days until the start of Dragon*Con, and I haven't even *started* elf #3. I get like this all the time. It's not that I can't make it, but at this point, everything has to work out perfectly. One hiccup, and there will be no elf #3. And I thought I was going to have a really light sewing schedule this year...

Pretty much, I always take on more than I can handle. I'm like this with writing too. I always think I can finish a project in a shorter time frame than is really possible. Like editing my novels. Why does it take longer to edit them than write them?

Clearly I have some areas to work on in my life, but back to the current crisis: costumes.

Elf 1: Done!
This is Liz with Zombies elf dress.

Elf 2: Done!

This is Heidi's Elf dress.

Hello Dr. Horrible Kitty: Done!


Snow White: 98% (I broke the grommet setter--I break things, it's sort of how I work)

Elf 3: 0% (but I've made the pattern before, so this really shouldn't take too long... wow, I'm really delusional!)

Sif Coat: 80%

And now back to work!


  1. Ambition is a good thing. Time? I think that's where things get messy. But I promise, as soon as the scientists locked in my Floridian basement perfect their time-stopper, you'll be one of the first to receive one. Now how to motivate them?

    1. Funny I have a group of evil scientists working on the same thing in my basement. Of course, my friends will tell you I don't have a basement--but what better place to hide them than in my imaginary basement!

  2. So funny. I made a list for today: clean the house, update blog and catch up with bloggers and get to Conner's scrimmage on time. Didn't get half (third?) of it done. Promised myself I would log off at 2:30...saw the "I'm Delusional" and just had to stop by. So glad I did because I feel so much better that it's not just me who is delusional!!

    (I must have a really high opinion of myself! I think I'm Superwoman!!)

    1. You know, I think that must be what it is, I write my to-do lists as if I'm Superwoman. (she's not my favorite superhero, but I love her spoof, American Maid from the Tick).

  3. Wow. These look great! Weren't they just a pile of fabric like, last week?! I'm so jealous. I would love to be able to make our own costumes. Well done!

  4. That's cool you're dressing up for Dragon Con! I bet you get that last elf outfit done in time.

  5. You are SO talented!!! I have an issue taking on too much stuff too... oh well :)

  6. Make sure you take pictures of youself in the costumes during DragonCon. We'll want to know how everything turned out.

  7. Wow I love the gray elf dress. Beautiful!


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