Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dragon Con (or as some like to call it: Line Con!) ::warning, this is full of pics so if you're low on data wait for a hotspot::

Over Labor Day weekend, I had the pleasure of going to my third DragonCon. I've never been to any other convention, so before anyone says anything about how New York ComiCon is better, or San Diego ComiCon is where all the real stars go, don't worry. I have no intention of comparing. I go to Dragon Con because that's where my friends go.

We started at four am on Thursday, drove to the airport and stood in line to check our bags (only two checked bags this year! w00t). Then we stood in this line:

So they could search my shoes for naughty things:

Then this line:

Then this line:

Then we stood in two more lines (not pictured here because I was sleep deprived and I'd forgotten about the line thing). And then we were in Atlanta. Since I'd been up late the night before (last seam at midnight, up at four to make the flight), we checked in to this hotel:


After a nap, we partied with L-Rond. 

And of course the king of elves, Galadriel, and much silliness ensued.

Then it was time to start breaking out the costumes, where I learned some things:

I look good with pink hair.

Dr. Horrible Hello Kitty is a ton of fun.

Elves are elvish.

More elvish

and then it rained. The problem with rain was that I had planned to wear 10th Kingdom Snow White, but it has a floor length white gown. and it was raining. So instead we went to panels and had fun as muggles because nobody wanted to wreck their costumes. That means I have Halloween all figured out.


  1. holy. Sh*t. I LOVE 10TH KINGDOM!!!!!
    Now i need to got watch it again ASAP!

  2. That looks like so much fun!!! You do rock the pink.

    (And I've have gotten vertigo from snapping that picture in the hotel...felt queasy just looking at it!)

  3. Awesome pictures!
    Too bad about 10th Kingdom Snow White (and I'm almost afraid to ask what that might be ...) but I'll look forward to the big Halloween reveal. :)
    Crazy fun!

  4. Ooh that sounds so much fun! Have an awesome Halloween with that costume :)))

  5. I love these costumes! What fun! Too bad you didn't get to wear the Snow White one. But you better post pictures when you do, I really want to see it on!

  6. Gotta love the raver-spec elves. Seriously. They should wind white Christmas lights around their crowns to complete the effect.

    Glad you got to go to Dragoncon again. It is a great con. I'm sorry about all the lines. I feel your pain. I absolutely hate airports. When I went to Dragoncon, I was already in Georgia. I felt like a hitchhiker, catching a ride with a classmate driving up to Atlanta, then I felt like a squatter making impromptu camp on their hotel room floor with only what I'd brought with me. My previous arrangements had fallen through. But, you know what? I got to go and I was glad! My friend's group showed amazing hospitality, but I think conventions bring that out in people, don't you?

    Yay for having Halloween figured out!


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