Monday, October 21, 2013

Shoot the mop

This is just my own frustration at this point, but I'm mopping the floors every other day at this point. Now, I'm much more of a once a week, maybe once every two weeks if things are too hectic, but not now. Selling a house is like saying "I didn't have a deep enough appreciation of house cleaning, I think I shall immerse myself in a zen like process of finding my inner house cleaner." Hint, I haven't found her yet.

House work is such a waste of my precious writing time.

So if you don't see me around, just know that I'd much rather be hopping around blogs and leaving comments. 

I will shoot the mop.

OH wait, I'll use it as a target for fencing. Yeah, that mop had better watch out or it's gonna get an epee to the steam button. Hitting something with a sword--even a practice one--makes a girl feel better.


  1. I always thought that house work was a waste of my time -- and that was before I started writing. :) My wife, however, has convinced me of its importance. At least you can think about scenes and plotlines while you're mopping. It's what I do.

  2. LOL! That's about how I felt when we had Disney World visitors every month for a year straight. (And some months we had two or more visiting groups.) Cleaning is not my friend.

  3. Selling a house is the worst! As if keeping everything stowed and ship shape isn't bad enough, then you have to vacate the premises whenever your potential buyers decide to stop by and size up the place.
    Best of luck making the sale! Just think about the bright side: You get to make someone else wield the mop when you pick out your next abode! :)


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