Wednesday, December 4, 2013

IWSG Goes Here

As my post on Monday probably clued you in, I have about as much free time as you could expect from someone packing two houses and moving in seven days. In fact, I'm calling the cable company today, so I probably won't even have internet by tonight. Yay.

That means I don't have an Insecure Writer's Support Group for you. If you came looking for one, check out my previous ones (hint, the insecurities don't go away, you just start to make them a little quieter).

Sorry I don't have a good one for you this month, I'll leave you instead with Tea Thief wants more Tea (What do you mean you were working on something? I'm working on not having any tea in my system!)


  1. Good luck with the move! Will you be close enough to me now so that we can have an IRL blogger meet-up???

    1. Yes! And this is a thing that will be done... just as soon as I unpack the world. (and two pianos!)

  2. Good luck with the move - two pianos! ?

  3. I hope the move and transition go smooth!

  4. Aw, cute picture! Cats have a way of putting insecurity in perspective.
    Hope your move goes smoothly, and that you come back soon!

  5. The insecurities involved during moves is more than enough for this month's IWSG.

  6. Happy Moving!!! (are you insane or forced to do a holiday move...I've been out of the loop, might have missed something!)

  7. You might not see this 'till after the move, but: see you Wednesday! I'll be there and ready to help move a piano. @_@

  8. Just stopped by to wish you Happy New Year!

    Hope you settle in soon. See you when you do. :-)


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