Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On limited resources

I write because I sort of have to (I know, I'm one of *those* writers). 

Then real life kicks in. Get to work. Get kids to school. Cook dinner. Clean house. Do laundry. Move the house. It’s not like I don’t want to have a clean home (actually, I sort of don’t care), but I don’t have time for it. I barely have time for anything. And the amazing thing is that I always manage to find time for writing.


I’m starting a new job soon (Yay!), but I’m worried about the time it’ll take away from my writing (boo!). I probably shouldn’t be. It’s not that I’m some super organized person, but as more hours are eaten, I spend less time watching TV and messing around on the internet. (confession: I sometimes tell myself that I’m giving my brain an opportunity to receive inspiration, but I’ve never had inspiration while messing around on twitter**)

At one point, I thought I should be careful with my ideas, that I might one day run out of them—HA! I wish I could go back and tell that person not to be so careful with those ideas. I might have made some cool stuff if I’d let some of those ideas out into the wild. Now I can barely keep them in orderly queues as they wait their turn to be turned into words on paper.

The time doesn’t run out.
The ideas don’t run out.

So instead of saying goodbye to my blog—like I’ve done when things get all tied up in my head—I’ll just say, I'll post when I post. I'll probably post about the same, but maybe less. Maybe I’ll give up agent and editor stal—research! I was going to say research. So if you see less of me on twitter or blogger or facebook (yeah, I’m on facebook), it’s not that I’ve lost weight, I’m just busy writing.

**I did once get an idea when Bridget Smith, an agent, tweeted that she wanted an MG based off a song. I held that song in my head for 9 months before the characters from that book showed up and introduced themselves. Like all my other characters, I told them to get in line—I have stuff to do.


  1. I LOL'd at the stalking joke.

    I try to use FB and twitter and forum use as a reward for writing. Or like when you have those moments where you're kind of overstimulated from the writing and you just need to look at something else for a few mins.

    Sometimes it even works!

  2. Many of the great writers of the past were busy with their day jobs but still made enough time to be great writers--- we can learn from that. Or, at least, YOU can, I'm not so sure about me. ;)

  3. Good luck trying to get it all done!

  4. You know, I have to work on a schedule with deadlines if I want to get things done, but I'm all for the free forum do-it-as-it-fits approach.

  5. I get all of this. I'm on the same page. Totally. *fist bump*

  6. I think we've talked about this before - lots of writers work two jobs, the one that pays the rent/mortgage and the one they love. Naturally, writing is the latter one. :P But yeah, I think that's one of the marks of well and truly living the writer's life. There is always time to write.

    And I think if anyone ever warned me about running out of ideas, I'd laugh so hard they'd get offended.

  7. Good luck with the new job! It may take a couple of weeks to get into a new groove, but I'm sure you'll manage.


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