Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Brief Retrospective

My birthday is right around here somewhere, and I have to admit, this last year has been pretty interesting. I've had successes and failures. I've written books, moved my family, and things are...

Well, this is publishing, so things are about where they were last year. Some prospects faded, some bloomed. I guess that's the way life goes. So on to the recap.

My [age redacted for public safety reasons]th year in a nut shell:

The big thing was selling my first book. That was definitely a highlight. I also had my first full request (prior to that), and I'm not gonna lie, I spent a somewhat embarrassingly long time in the query trenches before I got a full request. 

Close calls left and right. I've never had so many close calls in and out of publishing. It was the year I was *this* close.

And then there was my first full request ever. I'm not gonna lie, it was sort of embarrassing how I'd never had a full request prior to the one I got this last year. I really felt like I should have managed to get someone's interest up earlier, but up until that point I'd had a handful of partials. It was quickly followed by more requests, a very gratifying response.

I've had a new IRL job, and while that's been a big bonus to things like steady pay, it's been rough pounding out the words (I'm a whopping 500 words into NaNo, but I already knew I wouldn't be able to write the whole pinata in one sitting, but more on that later).

I've had some success from an unlikely protagonist: a gnome hunting dog.

I grew my first giant pumpkin.

All in all, not a bad [age redacted for public safety]th year.

Okay, so it's not very giant. Still, I grew it.


  1. Happy ____th Birthday!!!! I think you've had an awesome year. You're a talented lady with all the tenacity it takes to make. I have no doubt you will get whatever deal you're shooting for.

    That's an impressive pumpkin.

  2. Happy birthday! It doesn't matter how long it takes you to get a full request, you're still ahead of the game to a lot of people. And more will follow :-)

  3. Happy Birthday. Mine was last month.

    And just for the record, I don't believe any amount of time querying can be considered embarrassing. There's so much luck involved in the process.

  4. I love the public safety redaction! I'm always reluctant to do a retrospective, because I feel like I haven't accomplished enough to make it worth while. But retrospectives are always worth while. We need to see where we've been to see where we are going. Or something like that

  5. Happy birthday! I do know how hold you are, but I won't say it. :P

    And I thought you had to stop complaining about querying when you got published. Isn't that a rule somewhere? Kidding, kidding... I know getting one book published doesn't mean the hard part is over. I just had to make that joke on principle. Eh heh heh.


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