Sunday, January 18, 2015

That moment when I give my first in person interview...

... and realize that the teenager interviewing me has maybe thought more about the process of writing than I have.

I know, that sounds bad, but there I was and she was asking questions--deep questions--and I'm dying to say "I just like when stuff blows up."

But nope, she asked so many great questions like "how do you build flaws into your Main Character?"

To which I responded. "Ummmm."

Okay, I maybe sounded more convincing than that, but I feel like our flaws are such an integral part of us that they aren't something that could be added or taken away. So what are my MC's flaws? I was taken so off guard that I've been wondering what flaws I've given my characters. And what flaws have I seen in other characters that I liked? Needless to say, I'm suddenly feeling very anxious about my characters, like are they any good? Have I written a bunch of novels featuring a bunch of Mary Sues?

So in a bit of a panic, I scoured through my MCs and found that they had flaws just like the rest of the world. At least, they had flaws like the people in my life have flaws. They're built in, such an integral part that I hadn't realized they were even there. I have always taken flaws for granted in the same way I take air for granted. It was a great wake up call.

And in other news, I was interviewed! How crazy is that?


  1. First time I did a talk with a high school English class, it was an Honors class and my first question was the difference between exposition and narration. I had to stop and think on that a second! Kids are smart...don't let their running around in shorts during deep freezes fool you.

    Yay!! You got interviewed.

  2. They're the kind of questions people ponder when they are learning, but become natural when you've written for a while.

    Awesome that you were interviewed! What was it for?

  3. Congrats on your first interview!

    As for character flaws, I don't even think about adding them. They add themselves. But Annalisa is right; when you're just beginning you have to question these things.

  4. Congratulations on the interview! I'd do the same as you. Flaws, quirks, and strengths. They're just there with my characters. I don't add them!

  5. An editor once asked me that question and my response was also "ummmmm". But like you, i just had to stop and think about it and realize, yes, she had flaws. I just hadn't overtly thought about them as something i crafted.

  6. Yay for the interview! Don't you love those panic moments that make you stop and take stock?

  7. Awesome! And how funny that the flaws were already there… means your characters are REAL. It's definitely all about flawed characters ;-)

  8. Yay for being interviewed! Fun!
    And yeah, I know what you mean. I don't sit down and think through, these are her flaws. But I do think about a character for quite a while before I write them, so they feel like a real person to me by the time I'm writing their story.

  9. That is awesome and I'm totally jealous. :P But I do think that "I just like when stuff blows up" is a valid answer to many questions.

    And I've done the wondering about flaws thing myself. >_< But you're right, it really is an organic thing - any character who acts like a real person and not a plot device will have flaws, will make mistakes, will be other than perfect. What bothers me is when people act like characters shouldn't have flaws, should always do the right thing, stuff like that. I just don't get that.


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