Monday, February 16, 2015

Taking Leave of My Senses

I went to the coast yesterday. It was spectacular. So spectacular, in fact, that I forgot to take a single picture.

Yeah. I know. There I was at the beach in February, getting a sun burn (thanks a lot, SPF 70--You had ONE JOB!), reveling in the glory of blue waters and sea anemones, and I didn't remember to take a single picture.


That sort of sums up my life right now. Every time I think I'm getting my head above water, or that I'm starting to do a better job of remembering things, I forget that it's the kid's Special Day at school.


And because I was already doing such a fine job staying on top of everything in my life, I decided to start a new project (because you know, I've been ignoring that last novel for a year and a half, what's another year and a half??), and had an idea for a YA trilogy.

In short: SHOOT ME NOW. Just put me out of my misery. It's not like I'm going to suddenly grow an extra pocket of time that will magically allow me to have more writing time. I'm not suddenly going to have fewer real world needs (two words: dinner, laundry), so why do I think I'll suddenly have the ability to do more with less? Magic?

Yeah, that's it: Magic?

I need a timeturner.

So what do you guys think? Ever have those days where you think the extra money for pre chopped veggies is absolutely worth the saved time?


  1. I always think the money for pre cut veggies is worth the time. I fact, the only fresh veggies I buy are precut and can usually be steamed in the bag it comes in ;). I hear ya, though... there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. I think that's just a part of life. Think how crazy you would be if all of a sudden you had nothing to do. No work, book, child, spouse. I guarantee you would be finding a way to get your not enough hours in the day life back.

  2. are you kidding? pre cut is the best!
    and i've been reading through your past posts - Of Pens and Swords? woo hoo! congrats! i was wondering what you were up to.

    i too am taking on more than i should, working on another short story submission for yet the next CQ anthology...

    keep me in your loop, i don't get out much!

  3. I only get the fresh veggies if i know i have the time to deal with them. Except potatoes and onions. I usually go fresh there (though i may get the pre-peeled onions)

  4. Diced onions would save all the tears! Anyway, writing has its own timeline that doesn't interfere with daily life at all - didn't you know? 24 real life hours + another 12 writing hours... I wish :-)

  5. In seven or eight days, people will be coming by to yank all my stuff out of my apartment, and then I'll be speeding across the country to my new place.

    Yeah, I could use some extra time right now. O_o I keep telling myself I'll have plenty once I get there...


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