Monday, March 23, 2015

And for my theme...

Okay, you got me, I haven't done an A to Z challenge yet, and this year isn't looking good. In fact, I usually take April off from blogging (read: my posting doesn't change at all, but I pretend to post less for my sanity).

And part of the reason that I'm not jumping into A to Z this year is that I start to run out of things to blog about. I mean, yes, I can regale you all with tales of my life, but really, we only need one poopy post, I think I've got that covered.

Most of what I think I should talk about is entirely forbidden.

Hmmm, forbidden. I'll have to think on that. I could do an entire A to Z on the forbidden conversations in publishing.

Well, I'll have to give that some thought.

How about you, do you feel like you're running out of topics for blogging?


  1. Yes. Lol. I blog less and less. I try to remember what I used to blog about, and how I found the time for it all.
    Forbidden conversations sounds interesting though!

  2. Personally, I think blogging can be over-thought. Blogging can be so simple as well as so deep, it can be about anything. Anything one thinks, literally, can be turned into a blog post of some kind. At least, that's how I look at it ;)

  3. Oh yeah, I will sometimes stare at my screen and think nothing at all. I have the same problem cooking dinner.

  4. I don't so much run out of topics as much as I decide at the last minute that it's just too dang weird!
    But forbidden topics would make a GREAT A to Z Theme.


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