Friday, April 24, 2015

U is for ubiquitous

Here is the installment for U*

*Yeah, I totally misuse the word ubiquitous there, but the rest of the take was really good, so I apologize for using it wrong there. by the way, you totally get bonus points if you can tell me why that usage is incorrect.


  1. I must be out of the loop on the ubiquitous witch-hunts-paranormal trend. What's the gold standard here? As for vampires, I vote for Justin Cronin's The Passage. So awesome.

  2. I didn't spot the erroneous use of "ubiquitous", so... hrm. >_< But yeah, having also written a portal-quasi-fantasy, this is all true. Hard to hear sometimes, but true.

    Though I have seen agents and editors say that there's no point in trying to follow a hot trend, because the publishing industry is so slow that anything you write "while it's hot" is going to be old and tired by the time you can get it published. Which makes me feel really sorry for people who accidentally write for a trend only to find out, as soon as their book's ready, that no one wants that sort of story. Gah.


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