Thursday, June 11, 2015

All Work and no play makes me...

...closer to finishing everything but my novels.

Right, so I bought a house.

Then I tore out everything up to the rafters.
Green courtesy of previous owner

Then I tore out everything down to the slab.
Sad construction chair is sad.

I have one room left, and I'm taking it down to the slab and up to the rafters.

I've decided I must have some sort of sickness, because this is sort of how I operate with novels too (but, just so we're clear, it's WAAYYYYYY faster to hit delete, and you don't have to pay to have the garbage hauled away!).

Now would be the usual time when I'd go into the whys and hows of comparing home remodeling with novel editing, but I'm just too tired. I work ten hour shifts with two fifteen minute breaks and a thirty minute lunch (which I use to write, because I've lost my marbles and can't even take my lunch off). After work, I've been going up to the house and working for three hours because, you know, a ten hour shift followed by construction work is totally reasonable.

When I'm committed, I expect all of you to deny I mentioned any of this.

But, even with all this, I find my brain sneaking away to think about my Shiny New Idea. Yanking nails and I'm figuring out politics of my world, magic systems, and who the bad guys are and why they are such bad bad guys.

Which means, all of this is to say that some ideas can wait. Some can't, some ideas are like delicate flowers that bloom once and are done. Some are like orchids and will wait for a while. And then there are the ideas that are like trees.

How 'bout you all? How are your ideas, delicate with a fragile beauty, or are they the robust trees?


  1. That looks exhausting. Your sad chair made me laugh. You'll be happy when it's done.

  2. My ideas tend to be very robust. They'd better be, because it takes me so long to get them down on paper, they'd probably just evaporate away over time.

  3. You missed a really good opportunity for a "This is not the hammer" joke. :P But I'm looking forward to seeing how the house looks once it's all put together the way you want it. Hope it all goes well.

    As for my ideas, I seem to have a massive idea incubator, the "ideas in progress" file I've talked about before. Some things just sit in there and never so much as twitch, some grow slowly over the years, some burst their way out in a few weeks or months. There is no pattern, but it's fun to watch.

  4. Not that you don’t already have enough to do, but a vlog recording your house renovate would be cool.
    My ideas keep me from falling asleep. Then when I do nod off, they turn into bizarre dreams. When I wake up, the details, which seemed so real, become vague and well you know, dream like.
    Hard to capture.

  5. I have to be careful at jumping on new ideas too quickly because then, like now, I'll have four different works in progress and feel like a failure.

    Is it weird that I find your home remodeling exciting?

  6. Yikes! I'm hoping the house comes together for you quickly. I can't even imagine...

    I think most ideas benefit from residing in the brain longer. They become more firm, thicker, and deeper. We become more attached to the characters and their potential struggle.

  7. It's always the busy people who try to squeeze more into their day! But look at everything your achieving - the house is going to be fantastic, and your novel equally so :-)


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