Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Hour Grows Near

So, maybe you've heard about how I have this book coming out?

I'm not posting my cover here (Soon, soon), but I have a ton of writer buddies helping me out and posting it on the internets. Most of them have books out, so dig around their blogs, add their books to your Goodreads shelves (or however you do it), and take a good look at my cover--which I absolutely love. While you're jumping around, go to the cover artist, Amalia Chitulescu's FB page and peruse some of her other work. Absolutely gorgeous work!

Without further adieu, the links - in no particular order!

Katie Teller,

Michelle Hauck

Sara Aheirs

Mason Matchak

Elizabeth Poole

Ann Noser

Rachel Schieffelbein

Samantha Bryant

Grant Eager

Elsie Elmore 

Tara Tyler


  1. So that was your cover I saw? Didn't even know it was you. It's an awesome cover!

  2. Now when is your release date? (Because I LOVE dragon books and need to have you over.)

  3. Don't know about anyone else, but my blog is full of nothing but people who think your cover's awesome. ^_^ Looks like you're off to a good start.


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