Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New computer, or Reset all your passwords

Yeah, so, my computer decided that it was going to take a nose dive. It was dropping data, randomly turning off, constantly eating the days work, and doing it in such a way that I thought I was going insane. Afterall, I haven't been sleeping well, I'm under a wild amount of stress, and let's just say, things have been hard on me.

And then work started disappearing from my WIP.

A few pages here. A few paragraphs there. Nothing really obvious, but always the "I thought I wrote something more here."

Well, it was my hard drive, and before it went one hundred percent to the dark side of the force, I bought a new computer. All of this to say, if I haven't responded in the last few days, it's not cause I hate you or I forgot you, but that I'm in the slow process of resetting all the passwords to everything because I can never remember them anymore. The joys of having fifteen different passwords for home and 12 (12!!!) for work.

Right, well, back to installations for me!


  1. We installed a new hard drive and had to suffer through the password pain. I now have them all written down, which seems to defeat the purpose of passwords, but whatever- my brain needs a break.

  2. So glad you had your ms backed up! I hope you don't have any more tech problems, at least not for the rest of the year. :)

  3. I hate how many passwords I've got. I've avoided sighing up for certain things because I can't stand the thought of another one! Which might not be the right idea...

  4. That sucks. >_< I had a similar problem many years ago, though my failing hard drive would only change an occasional letter - no data lost, but enough for me to spot while editing. Hope you got everything and didn't lose more than the occasional paragraph.


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