Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day, a retrospective

I'm not gonna lie, V Day and I have spent many years not being on good terms. There was the singles awareness, the rough times in relationships, the missed day altogether, the exams from the pits of hell themselves. In short it never quite lived up to the hype.

When I was a teenager, it was sort of like the Ground Hog's day for Single people. The single person comes out of their cave, and if they see discounted chocolates, they'll stay single for the rest of the year.

Then, later on it became more of a "I know you love me, please don't buy the super overpriced flowers that will be 1/4 the price tomorrow."

There have been expensive dinners, "get aways" (hint, even when you get away, you're still you!), and then we stumbled across the one thing that really has been fun for a couple to do: The same things you would normally do. So one year, we went to an arcade.

Yup, most romantic Valentines Day ever.

The next year, we gamed with friends.

This year we gamed with friends, so we are definitely on a roll here.

My point is this: for many people, Valentine's Day will never live up to the hype because not all of us have the resources to rent the 5k a night cabin in the woods where the snow will be perfectly fresh, and have the box of chocolates delivered to the room with fifty red roses. More importantly, how would you really feel in that situation? Would you feel comfortable spending the same amount of money needed to get into a small car on a single weekend? Would you really feel more loved?

I don't, and I know a lot of people are put off by that sort of thing.

But the problem is the perception of this holiday continues to exist. We feel pressured to put on the big romantic show, and people are going to ask us what we did. Many will think we're crazy for gathering to roll dice and pretend to thwart an army because it's not romantic (to which I say, have you ever seen an elf shoot an arrow?), but in my old age, I've decided that fighting the crowds on V Day for an overpriced meal is no fun at all. So no going out for us. No flowers (who wants dead flowers anyways?), and if we weren't hanging with our friends, we'd be pouring money into an air hockey table. 

So, if you're feeling extra lonely this V Day, you are not alone in avoiding this terrible holiday! Even the people madly in love with this holiday think it's a bit whacked.

And you know what, if you are single, I have a helluva a date for you, last minute and everything: my book is free right now. And since I can't discriminate between singles and people with SOs, here's another link. (the second link also goes to my book, see what I did there?).

In all seriousness, if you're feeling even more alone than usual, please remember that this is one day out of the whole year, and one great big perk to not having an SO is that you get to pick exactly how you will spend your day.


  1. I try to shrug off V-day every year; usually I do, this year I didn't and was angry and depressed. Though in retrospect, some of that was work stress. But either way, bah.

    Though I remember the year when you and H gave me a small heart-shaped box of chocolates stabbed through with a pair of scissors. I've always loved that, because I felt like you two understood. ^_^

  2. Valentine's Day is pretty relaxed at our house, especially since it's only 5 days before my wife's birthday, so I pour all my energies into THAT day.

    Picked up your book during the sale. Now it's on my TBR list.


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