Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thoughts on Comics Part 2: The Prayer

Can I just level with everyone here? I'm super duper amazingly excited about Wonder Woman. I see all these article filled with hate, and I just want to shake people and say "Shhhhhs! I haven't seen it yet--AND NEITHER HAVE YOU!!" Then I calmly mutter under my breath "please be good, please be good, please be good."

I'm not sure if you've noticed this, but Star Wars the Force Awakens had a lead woman. An honest to Kenobi Jedi, and it smashed the box office (and was a good movie). But when we went to buy the merchandise for Rei, it just didn't exist. Nobody thought people would buy action figures of a girl.

The main character.

This is why the market is having such a hard time tapping the female market. People are under the impression that women will not put up the numbers that men will, but it's because we've been given scraps at this feast. It's been 13 years since Elektra. No one wanted to try a female superhero because that movie did so poorly, so my new mantra is "please be good. PLEASE BE GOOD."

So yeah, I'm absolutely looking forward to Wonder Woman.

Please be good. Please be Glorious!

Also, Chris, I'm counting on you to turn in some funnies, but leave it to Captain Kirk to accidentally find the island filled with women...


  1. I've seen nothing but positive reviews and comments from people who've seen the movie. And while the previews didn't thrill me, I do plan to go see it, as I want to put my money where my mouth is - as much as I love the Marvel movies it is gorram ridiculous that we're not getting a woman superhero lead from them until 2019. I want Wonder Woman to do ridiculously well so we get more movies full of woman heroes.

    1. Exactly. I've never been a fan of Wonder Woman, but if someone pitched a Rocket Raccoon title it'd get picked up faster than a woman lead in Marvel. Fingers crossed and I'm taking my daughter to see it.


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