Sunday, July 9, 2017

Posting from the Wilds of My Life

Some of you might have noticed that I missed an Insecure Writer's Support Group.

Yeah, it snuck up on me and ran right past.

But, Rena, How is that even possible? You always make your IWSG posts. Those are like your favorite ones.

Oh, sweet summer reader. Let me tell you.

Are you ready.

This one is amazing.

I'm human.

I not only forgot, I forgot about all the things. Between juggling a ton of manuscripts (turned one back in w00t!), managing my art for upcoming exhibit, doing a pop up promotion, worrying about the health of people I love, and making it from point a to point b for all the things in my life, I forgot.

For me, this is the stuff of nightmares. I keep lists of stuff I have to do because I feel like a flake. I spent the whole weekend worried I forgot to pay a bill. And of course, forgetting to post to IWSG made me super extra nervous. I'm probably going to go to work, clean my desk and scrutinize every message, post it, and email for action items I may have missed.

One of the biggest problems with having so much going on is that it's easy to forget something. So, how to fix it? Here's another big secret:

I can't. And I'm not going to.

Sure, I'm going to go over my super regimented schedule and see if I can build in another double check. At this point, I'm going to call it a win that I have a place to keep track of my submissions, and I haven't borked one of those up in years.

How about you, dear reader? Forget anything important recently?


  1. Hey, it happens. I'm just glad there was nothing wrong. Keep working on that writing.

    1. This novel is SOOOOOOOO CLOSE. So close. It's so close that I might actually stay up tonight and finish the thing. (but we all know I'll really be complaining about it in like three weeks).

  2. I think if you have to forget anything, a blog entry's about as safe as you can get. :P

    1. Yeah, right up until you forget to post for someone's book launch. Yeah, I was that person. I was also sitting in Pre-Op, so I feel like I get a pass on that one, but we'll see.

  3. Your label says it all! "Don't sweat the small stuff". Save that for big ticket items - like the health of loved ones. Hope whoever you are worrying about is feeling better. Even more important - don't forget to take care of yourself!

    1. My peeps are feeling better, but it's a long road. Thank you for your thoughts. And yes, taking care of myself when everything around me is spiraling into taking care of the other people is hard.

  4. no. never.
    happy june
    Tara Tyler Talks

    (ha haha! all the time, especially if it's not written down in a list or on my calendar! hope all the busy is productive! sorry i haven't stopped by in so long!)


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