Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I am so very, very excited about the next book I have coming out (this fall, November 21st!)

Oh, but Rena, what will I get if I read your book?
You will get the standard agreement in a Rena Book Reading Contract: Laughs, Feels, Explosions, Fights (guns or swords, depending), and a chase or two.

Wait, do I need to read your other books to follow this one?
Nope! This book is a new entry point into the same world. After this, though, no guarantees!

Rena, does this book feature Allyson and all of her Half Dragon Glory?
No, this book has a new Main Character, and a different plot.

But Rena, this book's title sounds very similar to your first book, are they related?
Yes! They happen in the same world. So the rules are the same, but we get to see the world from a whole new perspective.

Wait a minute, are events that happen in this book going to change what happens in your Half Dragon series?
YES! Oh, I mean, maybe. Possibly? Okay, there's crossover of some minor characters, and major plot points definitely change what else happens in other books (You know, sort of like how world politics influences global policy making?)

Is it funny?
I think so.

Are there sword fights?

It's going to be fun, witty, adventurous, Magic, and--sword,fighting--what's not to like?

PROM, MAGIC, AND OTHER MAN-MADE DISASTERS is already listed on Goodreads, and is coming out November 21st, so mark your calendars!!!


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