Sunday, September 17, 2017

Son of a Pitch Team Rainbow Dash!!!!

That's right, it's time for Son Of A Pitch!

Check out all the details at Katie's blog Team Princess Luna, Here. For those of you who don't know, entries are posted on the four host blogs:

Samantha, Team Fluttershy
Myself, Team Rainbow Dash
Elizabeth, Team Discord
Kathleen,  Team Rarity

The hosts will critique the entries on their blogs, and the guest critiquers will also offer crits on the entries. This contest gives some very in depth critiques, and from multiple points of view. It's such a great opportunity (I'm so excited).

This process really helps take queries and pages to the next level, and can really help people see their writing in a new light.

After the critique round is the showcase round where editors will be making requests from the ten lucky pitches.

With that, the fun will start Very Soon.

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