Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Ragnarok: Things I love, now Spoiler Free!

I went and saw Thor: Ragnarok this weekend, and I gotta say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a fun romp, almost exactly as advertised. There is no romance (it's been replaced by the buddy feels), and it was always entertaining enough to keep my inner curmudgeon from raising it's head. Were there plot holes? Yes. Did they play gags? Yes. But it was fun. I cannot stress how awesome it is to have fun.

The interesting part is that it felt like the first Avengers movie.

I'd go see it again. Heck, I'd go pay to see it again.

Any thoughts? Any haters? No spoilers in the comments please, but if you want to have a longer discussion, you can always @RenaTheWriter and we can keep it going there (where I will talk to people in 280 characters, practically a novel, really!).


  1. I thought it was one of the best Marvel films so far and certainly the funniest. (I reviewed it Monday.) I'd see it again if not for the lineup of movies the next few weeks - especially Justice League!

  2. It was pretty damn awesome, wasn't it. ^_^ And I'm really glad they didn't do the romance thing - I think it would have dragged things down and wouldn't have added anything to the movie. But it's good to see that Marvel's streak of trying new things and having them work continues.


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