Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Inefficient at being insecure

Like most things I’m insecure about, it turns out that there’s a numb place. At some point, being insecure about everything sort of wears off. I like to think of it more like polishing a piece of wood. The first pass with sandpaper is very rough, lots of grit, and it removes a lot of the bits and pieces we create of ourselves, the things we let go when we’re under ridiculous stress. The next time that stressor comes through, we’ve either built those pieces up again or abandoned them completely, but either way, when the sandpaper comes for us again, there’s a lot less of us that’s sticking out.

If I follow this analogy to the end then we’d have to sort of accept that life just kind of grinds us down, which isn’t exactly true, but at the same time, doing the same task that makes us insecure, eventually the sand paper goes to a finer grit. It’s less abrasive. Sure, it still grinds big chunks away, but it’s still less than before. Do that enough, and it gets less still.

So it’s not that my insecurities are less insecure, it’s that the part of me that worried so hard has been ground away a great deal. I understand the shape of me more, and that causes the loss of my extraneous bits to be, somehow, less painful. In short, for today, many of my writing based insecurities are living in the place that I label “true, but inefficient.”

It’s a nice box to have. I put my fear of public speaking there. I keep my anxiety about work there. It’s just inefficient to spend that much time worrying about some things. I’m trying to move my social media presence into that box, but I don’t think I’m going to manage that, we’ll see.

How about you, do you have a place like that? Or are you a completely awesome person without insecurities?

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  1. I have insecurities, but I don't know exactly where I hide them. All I know is that no matter how insecure I become over my writing, they disappear after a good night's sleep. I know they're still there, but they're stuck in a part of my brain that I apparently don't use much, so I remain naively happy.

  2. I do think that our insecurities start to wear down eventually. Maybe it's because we get used to them, living with them each day. And we learn to deal with them.

  3. Either they grind us down - or we just grow more resistant.

  4. Oh yes. I'm one of those completely awesome people. At least, I'd love to be. The truth is I'm not, but I can go to the movies or read a great book, and for a while, I'm Wonder Woman or the main character with the magic wand.

  5. A very smart person reminded me recently that worrying does not change anything. I'm trying hard to remember that. Best wishes in keeping that wood polished!

  6. This is a wonderful analogy... except for the part about how sandpaper removes as much good stuff as it does bad. I'd say washing away stressors helps, but... water can be as potent in its ability to remove.

    To me, this doesn't mean all is hopeless. It's just that change will always happen, and new, different growth should always be nurtured. Which it sounds like you've found your own way to do... :-D

  7. I'm glad that you've found a way that works for you. ^_^ Unfortunately for me, my anxiety keeps finding new and interesting ways to keep me worrying about things over and over. I'm working on it, but it's slow going.


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