Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Moving the Posts and something about green

I almost missed Insecure Writer’s support Group!

I’ve been steady on for a long time, and I’m starting to have that feel you get when it doesn’t happen for you. When I started trying to get published and find an agent, I couldn’t have imagined what being where I am now would be like. I’m sitting here with three published novels, news I have to keep quiet about, and things are looking…

Ah, but that’s the problem with goals and the feeling of having arrived: You Always Want More.

I know it gets hard to imagine, but the goal posts in your life are always moving. Sometimes this is subconscious, but sometimes it’s planned. In publishing, it’s a list of steps that we’re told is “The Way” (yes, the scare quotes are necessary there). The steps are: Write the book, Revise the Book into Awesomeness, Query dream agent, SIGN with DREAM agent, SELL BOOK AT AUCTION!!!!! *confetti flies into the air and the words PUBLISHED AUTHOR are permanently displayed above your head so everyone will know you are amazing*

As you might have guessed, this isn’t going to work for most people. I always longed for the day when I would sign with an agent. I watched while trying to control my jealousy as friends got agents. I fumed when books were signed that were similar to mine (quietly and away from the internet), and then I’ve started to see more of something else. More of my friends have parted ways with their agents, or books that had been sold are orphaned as an imprint folds. Great books sit on shelves, not moving. Mediocre books sell like hot cakes (also really great books sell like hot cakes), but there’s no reason to it. There is a solid element of luck in all of this. I love my fairytale version of publishing, but it just isn’t reality. And when one of the things on the fairytale list is one of your goal posts, it gets hard to keep taking yourself and your career seriously (yes, I can totally hear some of you saying “what career, Rena?”) when you don’t hit all the markers (or don’t hit them in the right order).

I don’t know how to solve this problem, but I do know it helps to remind ourselves that the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence.

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  1. Great post! I think a lot of our desire to be published with a big publishing company is the desire to have someone take the work away, wave the magic wand, and make our dreams come true—and then ther's the desire for validation, and nothing says "I made it" like getting an agent, or landing that coveted contract.

    But like you said, with the way publishing is going, it's quite possible that the goalposts are all wrong and we'd be happier with a very different set of achievements. (By the way, I love the cover for Book 1 of the Kin Chronicles; it looks great!).

  2. Very true! We can envy what looks like great fortune at first but it might not turn out that way. And it might not be our path. My books did far better than I ever imagined and while they never sold millions, I'm happy with where I'm at.

  3. Unfortunately luck plays a big part in writing and publishing. Luck that you'll write a great book. Luck that someone will want to publish it. Luck that it finds itself in front of readers who'll love it.

  4. teaser
    ups & downs but all worth the ride!
    sorry havent been over in a while
    looking forward to any news you can share!


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