Some of my most popular posts are from me exposing myself to the world--no really, a well written Insecure Writer's Support Group is like walking around in a bikini. It's uncomfortable for me, but every time--EVERY. TIME.--someone tells me something along the lines of "I thought I was the only one." So, here they are, some of my favorite and most popular IWSG. Also, if you like the idea, just hop on linky over at Ninja Captain Alex's blog.

Quiet House - Easily the most popular of all my blog posts (I suspect a bot got it)

Untalented and Unaware

Cliche Sandwich

Actually Falling Off The Horse

The Princess is in a different Castle? (Mario needed better intel)

The Taste of Bitter Ash, or The Risk of Living

Scraping By

And now that you're totally traumatized by my insecurities, here's a post about how my kid is going to need therapy:


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